In June 2009, while the Blade and Light team performed surgery in Athens at Evangelismos, the largest charity/public hospital in the Balkans, they evaluated Mrs C who had a large basal cell carcinoma in her left medial canthus (corner of her left eye) Mrs C was from a village on Leros, a small Greek island closer to Turkey than to Greece. Because of the potential complexity of the surgery which would could also possibly include her lacrimal (tear duct system), it was decided that it would be better to perform the operation in the United States. Because of the expense and logistics of the surgery, not only did the Athens Blade and Light team members donate funds, but the San Francisco Greek Orthodox Parish also generously contributed and provided a chaperone to make the surgery possible, and her stay comfortable. Stanford Hospital reduced its operating room fees given the exceptional circumstances. Physician fees were waived. Dr. Gladstone, Director of the Division of Dermatologic Surgery performed the Mohs Surgery, and then collaborated on the reconstruction with Dr. Jonathan Kim,, Director of the Division of Oculoplastic surgery. The Mohs surgery was able to save both her vision and tear duct system. Another skin cancer was found on Mrs C’s chin and mohs surgery was performed with a successful repair.