Personal Giving

Your contribution is vital to our mission of diagnosing and treating skin cancer with cutting edge mohs surgery, and then providing an aesthetic reconstruction so that the patient can return to daily living. These patients do not have access to this type of technology, and frequently have to wait years for any type of surgery. Your generous contribution may also provide resources for other dermatologic surgery treatments such as scar revision and disfiguring congenital birthmarks. You can also name Blade and Light International in your will and trusts which will leave a legacy of global skin cancer care for the underserved.

Workplace Giving

There are many ways for companies and employees to donate to Blade and Light International to help cure skin cancers with specialized mohs surgery; reduce scars; and eliminate disfiguring birthmarks. Your company may have a matching gift program; or you may be able to deduct it directly from your salary before taxes; or your company may have an employee motivation program for gift giving.

Matching gifts by your employer will double your donation. Your supervisor or HR Department will be able to tell you whether your company has a matching gift program.

Corporate Giving

Gifts In Kind
Skin cancer is a world wide epidemic. Mohs surgery is a very elegant and precise technique to cure most skin cancers. However it requires equipment and supplies. Disfiguring scars particularly facial scars can be optimized with the use of lasers and other devices. Disfiguring congenital birthmarks, particularly those such as portwine stains and nevus of ota can be improved if not eliminated with the use of lasers.

The following supplies are particularly needed:

Mohs Surgery:
1. Surgical Instruments
2. Cryostats
3. Slide strainers
4. Glass slides
5. Microscopes
6. Sterile gloves
7. Sutures
8. Cauterization devices
9. Surgical Lighting
10. Bandages

Scar Revision Procedures
1. Lasers: Fractional; Pulse dye laser; Carbon dioxide or Erbium
2. Surgical Instruments
3. Suture
4. Sterile gloves
5. Cauterization devices
6. Surgical lighting
7. Bandages

Congenital Birthmarks

1. Lasers: Pulse Dyle Laser; Nd:Yag Laser; Alexandrite laser
2. Surgical lighting