• South Africa

    Blade and Light is collaborating with the Department of Dermatology, Nelson Mandela School of Medicine, Durban South Africa. The goals of this long term cooperation is to improve the dermatologic surgery skills of the residents in the Department; establish a Mohs Surgery & Reconstruction Unit; create coordinated surgical care in association with the national albinism Read more»

  • Chile

    Talcahuano in southern Chile was devastated by an 8.8 earthquake and subsequent Tsunami in 2010. Most of the city’s infrastructure was destroyed. The city is still recovering, and the government estimates that it could require a decade to recover. Skin cancer is a significant public health issue in Chile. Because of the damage to the Read more»

  • Brasil

    The City of Curitiba is Brasil’s 8th largest city and is at 3000 feet altitude. Skin cancer is a significant public health issue. It has a strong dermatology presence but not mohs surgery. Blade and Light is planning to coordinate with the national skin cancer screening program to teach and perform mohs surgery in Curtiba Read more»